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The lobster is Long Island’s king of crustaceans and year-round marine mascot. Come summer, Homarus americanus takes on a still greater role: the centerpiece of numerous specials at restaurants in Nassau and Suffolk. You’ll find lobsters pristinely steamed or broiled, butter-poached or stuffed, starring in a clambake or atop a plate of pasta or in a sushi roll, and doubtless in whatever the chef’s next burst of imagination will allow.

Here are several spots where you may, to borrow a familiar phrase, get crackin’.

Randee Daddona photo

Randee Daddona photo

Jedediah Hawkins Inn, Jamesport: The handsome grounds of this meticulously restored, Italianate-Victorian landmark inn are the perfect setting for a lazy, lobster-filled afternoon. Enjoy the house’s traditional clambake, which stars lobster, clams and mussels all steamed in lobster broth with local corn on the cob and new potatoes. Available Sunday nights, starting at 4 p.m. Price: $35.





Eric’s Italian Bistro, Mineola: The lunch or dinner lobster specials at Eric’s Italian Bistro include steamed twin lobsters with marinara sauce, a 1 1/2-pound lobster fra diavolo, stuffed lobster accented with garlic and Cognac, lobster ravioli and broiled Brazilian lobster tails. A salad, soup or shrimp-and-shiitake mushroom risotto are the appetizer selections. Available daily through the summer, depending on supply. Price: $32.95

Nautilus Cafe, Freeport: Many lobster specials involve a “chicken” lobster (1 to 1 1/4 pounds) surrounded by a lot of other shellfish and vegetables. But according to Brian Crofton, chef-owner of Nautilus Cafe, “a chix is an appetizer.” Nautilus’ special consists of a 2- to 2 1/4-pound bruiser. The lobsters come from Jordan Lobster Farms in Island Park, and Crofton orders mostly females, which have wider tails and contain roe. Each lobster comes with a choice of Caesar or a mixed-green salad or soup. Available Mondays for lunch and dinner. Price: $37

Jewel, Melville: The lobster special at Tom Schaudel’s opulent eatery is all about choices: You can tackle a steamed 2-pounder, or eschew the lobster crackers in favor of a fork to enjoy fettuccine with lobster or butter-poached lobster with mushroom risotto. Chopsticks (or your fingers) are the right tools for an option from Jewel’s sushi bar, the Be-Ju lobster roll with lobster, crab, avocado, cucumber and soy paper. Precede the lobster with a choice of Long Island fish chowder or Caesar salad; follow it with caramel-Nutella cake or strawberry cheesecake. Available Fridays for dinner. Price: $45

Fatfish Wine Bar and Bistro, Bay Shore: With its serene, canal-side location, Fatfish is one of Long Island’s prettiest summer dining spots. On Mondays, you can also enjoy the beautiful sight of a 1 1/2-pound steamed Maine lobster. The meal starts with a grilled vegetable salad, and the lobster is accompanied by mussels in red or white sauce, roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables (usually corn on the cob). Price: $32

The Patio, Freeport: True to its name, much of this restaurant sprawls over a patio overlooking the marina’s bobbing boats. On Wednesday nights, chef Alex Algieri offers two lobster specials. The first includes soup, salad and unlimited pots containing a 1 1/4-pound lobster, clams, mussels, potatoes and corn. The second includes soup and salad and a 1 3/4-pound lobster stuffed with shrimp and crab, accompanied by grilled corn and house frites. To go with everything: live music. Price: $29.95

Peter’s Clam Bar, Island Park: Now celebrating its 75th anniversary, this recently refurbished seafood restaurant offers its Tuesday lobster special at dinner only. You may get cracking in the dining room or dining patio, overlooking the water. Included in the deal are a 1 1/2-pound lobster with two sides, usually potato and asparagus. Price: $19.95

Harbor Mist, Cold Spring Harbor: Harbor Mist’s gracious second-story dining room has a stunning water view, especially in the evenings when the sun sets over the bobbing boats in Cold Spring Harbor. The restaurant offers its lobster special every day except Friday and Saturday: a large (at least 1 3/4 pounds) steamed lobster preceded by soup or salad and followed by dessert. Price: $45

Louie’s Oyster Bar and Grille, Port Washington: Two 1 1/4-pound lobsters are preceded by either Louie’s excellent New England clam chowder or a house salad accompanied by mussels, clams, corn on the cob and a baked potato. Follow up with Key lime pie or ice cream. Enjoy it all in one of Louie’s classic oyster bar dining rooms or on the outdoor deck overlooking Manhasset Bay. Available Mondays and Tuesdays for dinner, and sometimes lunch. Price: $39




Facebook record

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We’ve been posting on Facebook since 2009, however, we just had our most viral post  on June 22, 2015.  It reached 5664 people, with 15 shares and 291 likes.

rainbow“Lovely photo of rainbow over the barn, taken by Anthony Spitaliere, on the longest day of the year.”

HIGH CHEESE al fresco

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We’re happy to be offering Artisanal premium cheese plates from our shop by the pond, curated by Artisanal’s fromagier. Enjoy them on our lawn, porch or by the firepit with a glass of your favorite North Fork wine. (Saturday and Sundays from noon to 7 pm.

These three plates are offered now but they will be rotating:

artisanal new world collection Goat Camembert (Goat, NYS), St. Stephens (Cow, NYS) Cheddar 2-year (Cow, VT) Ballston Blue (Cow, NYS)

artisanal old world collection Robiola Due Latti (Cow/Goat, Italy), Devon Oake (Cow, England)
Tomme Fermiere D’Alsace (Cow, France), Gruyere (Cow, Switzerland)

artisanal old & new world collection Grassias (Cow/Goat, USA-Texas), Garrotxa – (Goat, Spain), Ubriaco Di Raboso – (Cow, Italy), Uplands – (Cow, USA-Wisconsin)

We’ll be serving them with specialty honey, chutney, nuts and freshly baked baguettes. Come in to our shop for a taste of gourmet products!

Luxury Travel Guide Award Winner

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Luxury Travel Guide Winner
Luxury Property of the Year – New York

The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields; therefore to come out on top is truly an achievement you should be proud of.

We are delighted to pay tribute to and commend all those who have excelled in the industry. This year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in every category.

All winners of the Luxury Travel Guide Awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by our in-house professionals. This ensures only the most deserving firms and individuals walk away with one of these prestigious accolades and gain a place in our awards winners’ guide, which will be distributed to over 400,000 professional & affluent people around the world.


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Hall of Fame Winner

Inducted into ‘Hall of Fame’ of Five-time Certificate of Excellence Winners on the World’s Largest Travel Site

Jedediah Hawkins Inn has been recognized as a TriAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame winner. The Certificate of Excellence award celebrates excellence in hospitality and is given only to establishments that consistently achieve great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor. The ‘Hall of Fame’ was created to honor those businesses that have earned a Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years. Winners include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a superior customer experience.

Being awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence five years in a row and inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ is a true source of pride for the entire team at Jedediah Hawkins Inn and we’d like to thank all of our past guests who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor.

Luxury Travel Guide

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Luxury Travel Guide

We are thrilled to be shortlisted for the 2015 Luxury Travel Guide Awards for Luxury Boutique.

Celebrating & rewarding innovation & excellence, these awards will recognize
hotels no matter of size or location across many categories, including:

. innovation

. entrepreneurial success

. service excellence

. use of technology

. sustainable development

. marketing & branding

. employee satisfaction

Riverhead News Review by Tim Gannon

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More than 900 signatures back Jedediah Hawkins in online petition
An online petition to “Save Jedediah Hawkins Inn” now has more than 900 signatures in support of allowing outdoor events at the historic structure on South Jamesport Avenue.

The Inn, built in 1863, is once again before the Riverhead Town Zoning Board of Appeals seeking permission to have outdoor catered events, something it has done annually since 2008. Indoor catered events are permitted, but outdoors events are not, which is why the ZBA variance is needed.

The prior ZBA approvals have limited the number of outdoor events to four per month, and imposed 125 person limits, banned parking on the road, required noise meter monitoring and enacted a 9:30 p.m. curfew. The approvals also have only been good for one year.

ZBA members last month indicated they may reach a verdict Thursday in Town Hall. The meeting starts at 7 p.m.

At the two hearings held earlier this year, some neighbors have complained about loud music from the outdoor events. Pam Hunt, a representative for the Inn, says it has hosted only two outdoor events under tents last year and has had only one noise complaint in the past four years.

Ms. Hunt said the Inn also complied with all the conditions the ZBA put on its prior approvals. She said the restaurant cannot survive without outdoor events and that it’s difficult for people to book weddings at the Inn without knowing more than a year in advance if the Inn can have outdoor events.

“I have become tired of the small group of people who claim to represent the community,” Ms. Hunt said by email Tuesday. “I am a member of this community and I know so many people who love the Inn. So I decided to convince the owner of the inn to post a petition to show support for saving the Inn from economic ruin. In less than a week, we received over 850 signatures and over 300 comments, all positive. I am sending the Board the link to the petition so they can read it before the meeting. I am hopeful that such an outpouring of support will help to ameliorate the damage done by the four or five people who continue to try to close the Inn down for no apparent reason.”

Bill Welsh, who lives across the street from the Inn, said at the April 23 hearing that his main problem is with amplified music coming from the Inn at outdoor events.

Georgette Keller, a former president of the Jamesport-South Jamesport Civic Association, said the Inn was reluctant to give up amplified music during meetings with then-proprietor Keith Luce in prior years to resolve the problem, and there have not been any such meeting since.

At the last hearing on April 23, ZBA members said they’d like to see some information proving the Inn is in bad shape financially and they said they feel Inn owner Lia Polites should address the board herself, instead of sending a representative. Ms. Hunt said Ms. Polites does not like to speak in public.

Ms. Hunt said the Inn went into foreclosure in 2010 and Ms. Polites bought out the mortgage to keep the bank from taking it.

The petition, on a web site called iPetitions.com, asks people to sign it, post comments, write letters to the ZBA and come to the meeting on May 14 to show their support for the Inn.

Comments from our petition

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Here are some thoughtful comments from the petition:
• Gwen Groocock United States, Feeding Hills
I have been to a number of events at Jedediah Hawkins, and they were tasteful, enjoyable and in keeping with the area. Residents all over the North Fork live near food/wine venues, and few complain unless an establishment steps over the line. I urge the ZBA to consider the efforts JH has made to be a good neighbor, and uphold the more than fair compromise that has already been in force, for both sides of the issue.

• Eddie Ayala United States, Holtsville
Save the Jedediah Hawkins Inn!
There is something here in this so-called community resistance that seems – familiar. It’s like the people who move in next to airports – KNOWING there’s an airport there – and then proceed to complain about the noise of planes. If the Inn is complying with ZBA regulations, there is no need to place them in a financially difficult situation in order to appease a select “few”. This is a North Fork landmark, and deserves to survive! Continuing to try and appease a select “few” does not try for a “middle” ground that ensures justice has been served – and fairness has been accomplished. If you are for small business, and how they serve the (financial) survival of the East End … show it!
Save the Jedediah Hawkins Inn!

Kathy nine United States
what a beautiful historic landmark! Leave it be!

Danielle Russo United States, West Hartford
love this place. Very quiet, classy and well taken care of establishment. We’ve created many special memories there. It astounds me that the jedediah hawkins inn has to answer any zoning questions! Ridiculous.

Sara Pagano United States, Merrick This is a wonderful and respectful establishment and an asset to the community and all of Long Island- let’s keep places like this in business!

• Margaret Ann Dallojacono United States, Port Jefferson Station
Jedediah Hawkins Inn is such a beautiful, unique venue and should be enjoyed by all. The staff is friendly & courteous. Allow them to prosper. An abandoned property helps no-one.

• Angela Jennings United States, Seattle
We need to save all history in life, otherwise it will never even have existed

• Anthony Nappa United States, Ronkonkoma
You are not “saving main road” by shutting down restaurants in renovated historic buildings or boycotting the YMCA from having a place on the NOFO for our children to use, these are the things that the people who live here want in our community.

• Chris Smith United States, Bronx
As a resident with two children who enjoy the “treat” of going out to dine in a beautiful Historic building such as the Jedediah Hawkins Inn and as a local business owner…I cannot imagine this place being restricted in any fashion.
In fact, I would like to see the Historic and Culinary significance promoted in our town. Rather than attempt to diminish it’s value as a Landmark and social community gathering place, its should be supported by the town.
Long Live the Jedediah Hawkins Inn!

• Adam lovett United States, Riverhead
Jedediah’s is a magical place that my wife and I met at and works. It employs locals and is a benefit to my community. Please keep it alive.

• Anna Iacoviello United States, Great Neck
I love this place! The food, the atmosphere.. and you can’t hear a peep out on the street.. Some people have nothing better to do.

• Bill Dunleavy United States, Ronkonkoma
Another example of “not in my back yard”. Within normal restrictions let them operate their business

• Colleen Boyanovich United Kingdom, London
Beautiful place. Can’t believe that the town would try to limit this small business

• Anthony Sannino United States, Shelter Island Heights
Owning and operating a business on the North Fork is extremely challenging knowing that your success must be derived from a very short tourist season. All other obstacles in addition are a sure recipe for failure. Please support this incredible business and recognize the immense risk that has been taken to create this jewel.

• Lisa allongo United States, New York
We need to hold onto history..why are we always tearing down history..

Christine w.United States, Philadelphia
I looked here for my wedding and due to the restrictions was unable to make it work for us but the venue is beautiful!

• Maggie Lovett United States, Huntington
With each event held at the inn more people get to see the beauty and history that Long Island has to offer.

• John TepedinoUnited States, Center Moriches
Support your local small business, this one in particular deserves full support.

• George Romero United States, Brooklyn
love the place!! don’t let the nimby’s win!!

• Melody McDonald United States, Bridgeport
Do not allow a few people speak for the community.

Matthew T. VeltmanUnited States, Levittown
It is of utmost importance we as long islanders help preserve and continue to contribute to the preservation process for the sake of Long islands great a historic culture. Including all historic buildings, land marks, properties, artifacts, etc…Help the Jedediah Hawkins Inn remain steadfast in the historic community by helping with any and all of their needs.

This is such a beautiful venue! Can’t believe that the community would want to take away revenue from a local establishment!

• Jackie Bivins United States, La Quinta
This is a beautiful property and the surrounding community should be happy to have it in its midst. Would they prefer an abandoned building???

• Anonymous
The Jedediah Hawkins Inn has been a blessing to the community. The amazing transformation that resurrected the property and the positive business impact that has resulted need all of our support!

• Anonymous
The restoration of this house has kept history alive., instead of destroying it. The limited number of outside tented events would not harm the community in anyway
• Anonymous
Why do the few miserable people, that will always be unhappy and complain, have to ruin positive peoples lives constantly. This is a magical venue that brings joy into people’s lives. Maybe these people should be invited to experience the magic one night, for themselves, so they will see what they are trying to rob from everyone with their selfish persuits.

• Joanne Lieb United States, Selden
This historic home is part of the rich history of Long Island. The zoning board of appeals should consider them to continue their venues as long as they are following the rules , which they are. It takes hard work and dedication to maintain and keep the historic integrity on this property, so please allow them to continue. This will ensure the Jedediah Hawkins Inn the dignity they deserve.

• Janet nathanail United States, New York
Beautiful property which is a huge asset to the community. It provides jobs and brings in visitors. I don’t understand the fuss created by so few should affect so many.

• Michael V. Falcetta United States, Plainview
I live right up the road from JHI they are great people and run a top notch establishment.

• Judy Staib Harrison United States, Sanibel
Please save the Inn. Don’t let it become the “haunted house” I remember from my Jamesport School days.

• Christine Budd United States, Stony Brook
It’s a beautiful, unique place. It seems they have more than enough space surrounding them to significantly reduce the impact on the neighborhood. Provided they continue to oversee their events properly, with adequate security they should be permitted to do business as they have been.

• Tom SchaudelUnited States, Amityville
Best venue on the North Fork. Cherish it, don’t ruin it!

• Marian United States, Bronx
go get em…. Love this place! Some people need to get a life!

• Danette LaucksUnited States
The Jedediah Hawkins Inn is a place near and dear to me, since I lived in the house as a child (Pearsall family, Overlook Farm, in the early ’50s). I was dismayed to see it decline and was elated when it was restored. It has become a valuable asset to the community and I hate to imagine what would become of it if zoning restrictions should compromise its financial viability.

• Marguerite Dolezal United States, Shirley
Elegant recreation of hosptiality.
Remember responsible business pays the zoning salaries. The Inn is a balance to strip shopping centers . Look at the circus just north on the week-ends.

• Karen Kraus United States, Holtsville
This is a beautiful and wonderful place. The rules that are in place seem to be more than reasonable. Stop with the politics please and let them continue to run this gorgeous land mark.

• Lisa PaternosterUnited States, Huntington Station
Jedediah Hawkins is a beautiful venue. The owners are wonderful people who have kept this beautiful properties historical integrity. They aren’t asking for anything. They wish to abide by the same rules that they have for the past 5 years.

• Linda Clifford United States, Meriden
I love this place
Stop giving them a hard time
this restaurant brings to your community….
Please open your heart and LOVE THEM….

• Thomas Puglia United States, Riverhead
Save this establishment. Its part of the local economy and has such rich history.

• Max Moran United States, Riverhead
. . . and they support the arts!

• Jennifer BlackhallUnited States, Brooklyn
save Jedediah Hawkins inn! This place cannot be replicated anywhere else!

• Teresa OrrinoUnited States, Deer Park
This shouldn’t even be an issue for this amazing establishment!

• Andrew Anselmo United States, New York
Please allow the Jedediah Hawkins Inn to have a less stringent business curfew. They have show themselves to be a fantastic asset to all those on the North Fork wishing for a nice fancy place to eat and stay. We just love going there several times a year to celebrate family events. Don’t let the sheltered view of a few overshadow the wants and needs of the many. Zone that!

• Anonymous
We love Jedediah Hawkins Inn and have always found it to be an establishment that is very respectful of its environment and neighbors. The Inn offers lifetime memories to its customers and I believe this is reason enough to allow a limited number of outdoor events annually.

• Lisa Douglas
United States, Riverhead
JDI has more than met the ridiculous demands the ZBA has put on them. They should not have to keep doing this every few years!

• Gustavo Perez United States, New York
When I think north fork, I think Jedediah Hawkins. This place Is a LANDMARK! Don’t make them go through this every couple of years!

• Barrett Hiatt United States, Farmingdale
This place has a magic to it that cannot be replaced and would sorely be missed. Anyone that fights against such a place does not understand what makes Long Island great.

• Joe PosnerUnited States, New York
A wonderful place with a rich history. A great attraction for the North Fork and well off the beaten path, significantly tucked away from the road and neighbors. Would be a shame to lose!!

• Susan DolsonUnited States, Holtsville
Leave this Inn alone!

• Robert GrilloUnited States, Bronx
As a Mattituck resident – I am happy to know that we have such high quality – food and wine producers – pls save JH

• Trish Messina United States, Riverhead
Keep our towns historical beauty alive.

• Judith B. McCleery United States, Southold
Jedediah Hawkins Inn is an asset to the community-bringing visitors to the North Fork to support the local economy, faithfully restoring a beautiful old mansion that was in ruins, and carefully following the rules set by the ZBA. I urge the ZBA to allow them to continue to hold events, and run their business in a sustainable manner so they can continue to serve the public and their customers. Do those who object really want to see Jedediah Hawkins Inn close and fall again into disrepair? THAT would be a blight on neighborhood, and none of us want that.

• Janet Luce United States, Calverton
A wonderful North Fork addition that I have only heard praise about. I know many people in the area and only have had positive things to say.

• Dolores Peterson United States, Riverhead
I remember many years ago when the Jedediah Hawkins was an eyesore to the community, it was known as the ghost house and it was in ruins. Now it is a landmark and a tourist attraction to the community, the Town and the community should be happy that is so well maintained.

• ann weiser United States, Riverhead
We love the Jedediah Hawkins Inn. It is a lovely and peaceful place, a prefect emblem of the North Fork.

• Kristine droskoski United States, Brooklyn
I guess they would rather have a big vacant building to promote vandalism. …whats wrong with proud..its a high class..beautiful place…


Thank you friends
If you haven’t signed yet, please do

Save Jedediah Hawkins Inn

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Friends of Jedediah Hawkins Inn

In 2010, we sent out a petition, titled Save Jedediah Hawkins Inn. Five years later we are again in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals about the same issue, having a limited number of outside tented events, which are essential to our livelihood.

Over the past 5 years we have conscientiously observed the rules the ZBA set for us regarding the number of events (only 4 per month on non-school nights), the 9:30 curfew, the 125 person limit, the off road parking, and the monitoring of the noise volume with our decibel meter. These terms are more than reasonable and less than other venues enjoy. Nevertheless we are being met by resistance from a small group of local people who claim to speak for the community and wish to deny us these events which are essential to our financial survival.

We are asking for a show of support for Jedediah Hawkins Inn from our patrons and friends. Please sign this petition, post comments, write letters to the members of The Zoning Board of Appeals,Town of Riverhead, 200 Howell Avenue, Riverhead, NY 11901, and/or come to the meeting at Riverhead Town Hall on May 14 at 7 pm.

Thank you