Opinionated About Dining Top 25 Farm to Table Restaurant

Keth Luce is one of those super-talented chefs whose been flying under the radar for years. A native of Long Island’s North Fork, he returned to his family home after a stint as the Executive Chef at The Herbfarm in Woodinville, Washington, to take over the kitchen at this old Victorian Inn. Now Luce is turning local ingredients into dishes like his signature Nofo duck wings with cucumber-feta raita and chili-garlic sauce, shrimp and lobster meatballs and cod cooked as if it was beefsteak. And Luce is only getting as resuscitating the family farm, which has been lying fallow for years, is part of the project. It’s worth calling in advance in order to ask Luce to prepare a special tasting menu for your table.
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