Luce & Hawkins Brunch/Lunch Menu

today’s soup     7    

nofo duck wings cucumber-feta raita & chili-garlic sauce   10

shrimp and lobster “meatballs” smoked-paprika mayo   14      

crab gyoza cabbage slaw    15 

harvest salad pickled pumpkin, dried cranberry, gorgonzola  10

vegetarian soba noodle soup sweet potato, mushroom     17

the burger house-ground beef, house-made “velveeta” &  fries      

                                                                                                   single          16

                                                                                                  double        22

breakfast pizza bacon, potatoes, onion & cheese    14 

creamy polenta pulled pork, salsa verde & poached egg    15    

lobster roll long island lobster, tarragon &  hand cut fries    19

salad nofoise tuna, cauliflower, potato & preserved tomato  18 

grilled cheese hand cut fries   14 

today’s sandwich     13     

fish tacos house-made tortillas     12

green onion crepes stuffed with peconic bay scallops     23

cheddar biscuit country ham,  mustard, cornichon, egg     15

vegetarian bean & quinoa enchiladas salsa verde     12 

farro and winter squash risotto     14

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