Double Diamond

The Captain Jedediah Hawkins house restoration.

Builder & Remodeler, December, 2005

For the first time since the LIBI Awards began, a Double Diamond LIBI was awarded to a builder’s project, a historic makeover.

The project was the Captain Jedediah Hawkins House in Jamesport which became the site for the first Designer Showhouse on the North Fork.

On seeing the video of the makeover for the first time the judges felt it deserved a “very special” award and it was suggested that a “Double Diamond” would be appropiate to put the project in a class by itself.

Builder Jeff Hallock and his partner in the makeover, Dr. Frank Arena, a prominent oncologist, funded the makeover for almost $2 million with the intention of turning it into a luxury inn and restaurant.

Built in 1863, the Victorian house was near collapse due to storms and aging when Hallock decided to restore it and then worked out a deal with the owner who was not living in the house. It took two years but Hallock and Dr. Arena received the go-ahead. It was then decided to enlist interior designers Robert Clark and Raymond LeCuyer to set up a designer’s showhouse. Some two dozen designers took part in the showhouse which many considered the most successful ever held on the East End.

”This house always had a life of it’s own.” said Hallock. “We started out to save the house and then took another direction with the showhouse.”

Hallock said that breathing life into the old house left him somewhat breathless.

”And we are going into using it for a luxury inn,” he added.

Some of those individuals cited Hallock as being especially creative were landscape designer Jeanne Scott and the two designers who began the showhouse, Robert Clark and Raymond LeCuyer. 

Central Suffolk Hospital became the beneficiary of the showhouse which ended in early November.

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