Our one year anniversary has quietly come and gone at Jedediah Hawkins Inn/Luce & Hawkins. While this was a milestone for me, I have been in the hospitality business long enough to know that one year  in “restaurant years”  is the equivalent of a week in the history of the universe.  Restaurants come and go and as a business are infamously difficult to sustain. 

There are many contributing factors to the high failure rate of restaurants.  Here are few: impossibly long and stressful hours, time away from loved ones, managing a large team of people (which means emotions & egos), dealing with a fickle public, and as if that isn’t enough, restaurant operators also have the distinct pleasure of trying to play the cash flow game–put quite simply, restaurants are a capital intensive business in many cases offering a meager profit margin of 3-5 cents on the dollar.  Once you’ve run the aforementioned gauntlet, try digging deeply into your own well of energy  while also focusing on every detail of operations while pushing a team to focus on those same details as a means to set your establishment apart & ensure a top notch daily “performance”.

All of this being said,  the purpose of this post is not to complain or beg for sympathy. The actual purpose of this post is to give anyone interested an inside view into what myself and the entire team of JHInn and Luce & Hawkins stand for.  It is a statement of who we are, what we stand for and what we believe sets us apart.  After all, this project is a labor of love.

Put quite simply: myself and my team do not take the easy way out.  Even though it would probably be easier.  We do not take short cuts, we forage or grow much of our own food, we source locally from committed growers and suppliers and pay a premium for these superior products. We make sea salt, as well as pretty much everything else ourselves-FROM SCRATCH.  We wake up extra early in the morning to feed our sourdough starter and make our own breads, pastries & donuts.  On our days off we spend time visiting other like-minded people (anywhere in the world we can find them) to learn what they are doing by working with them.  The list of incentives we have lovingly set out and accomplish daily is lengthy and will be the beginning focus of this blog moving forward.  That is of course if you care to read my stream of conscious meanderings.

It is now time to get my day started, there is farm work to tend to and breakfast to be served to our inn guests. Some mornings it is difficult to find the energy but I can tell you that I’ve never approached a 16 hour work day with more passion and vigor! Please do check in often to learn about the progress and specifics of our restaurant, inn & farm (which by the way is the very farm on which I was raised).
If you like what we did with our first year, wait until you see what we have in store for our second year!

The devil is in the details
Keith Luce

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