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Spring Has Sprung!


The snow is fading on the lawns of Jedediah Hawkins Inn and the ice on the fountain out front is slowly thawing. The North Fork area including it’s abundant farms and wineries are shaking off the winter’s chill and preparing for the busy summer ahead.
In the kitchen, we’re getting ready to head into the second restaurant week in a month, and at the same time doing our best to take advantage of the Springs bounty. Spring ingredients may be the most treasured of all, especially after a painstakingly long winter Anything that’s not a root vegetable or grain is a sight for sore eyes.
First rhubarb of the season! These are heading straight for our donut dessert. Might have to get some more in for a foie gras torchon that is in the works…A quick walk into the nearby woods was a successful shopping trip. Came back with tasty onion cress…and this beautiful spicy rosette cress.  Baby carrots plucked from the garden earlier this week. These were planted at the end of last summer. Can’t believe they survived the winter so well. All their sugars were at their max because of this and they were super sweet.  Fresh liquorice roots. These will be steeped gently and then worked into a sauce – paired with duck and chocolate!Beautiful lovage and sorrel shoots. Rosette cress. These were sprinkled atop a lamb loin along with a fresh nettle puree. Yep, spring is here!


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