Contest for Luce & Hawkins

I have had a few moments to reflect back on our whirlwind opening and all that has transpired since… As summer is beginning to show signs of mortality, an idea flickered in my cluttered grey matter.  As it has been difficult to find the time to blog, cook, run a business (you get the picture), it is still necessary to spread the sermon!  What better way to do that then by letting you, our valued guets, write the sermon.  Here is the fun part.  As a person who enjoys Jededeiah Hawkins Inn and Luce & Hawkins, please submit a memory, story or phrase that you think captures our establishment and takes the reader to that moment. 

The winning entry will be chosen by myself and my wonderful staff.  There will be a prize.  I am actually quite sure there will be multiple winners  so I’m not going to quantify the prize right now.  It will be however in the form of “Hawkins Bucks” (read gift card).  The winning entry/ies will be used in our blog and /or printed material, so please be forewarned. If you’d like to play our little game, post a comment here.  Deadline is 8/22/10.

Have fun and be well, Keith

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