Taylor Knapp comes to Luce & Hawkins after graduating from Johnson & Wales University, where he majored in Culinary Arts and from a stint at Noma, Copenhagen Denmark, considered the world’s best restaurant.

Some excerpts from his blog Cooking Curiously:

As I think back on my experience at Noma, I can’t help but remember how much of our time and energy as cooks was spent trying to recreate a natural scene. Here in Jamesport, I have it all around me. The inspiration is everywhere I look, and that naturalistic “energy” flows through every plate we put out. Now THAT is cool.

Never before have I had the opportunity to cook with so many fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Running out back to the garden to pick herbs for a dish about to head out to the dining room: doesn’t get much fresher than that. Due to this year’s unusually warm weather, the produce in Jamesport and surrounding areas has been outrageous. Beautiful sweet peas, gigantic zucchini from our garden, and blueberries so flavorful you’d think they were fake.

Our own Peconic Bay sea salt. Taken from water just steps from the house. About 50 gallons of water yielded us with 2 cups or so of sea salt.

The coolest baby fennel I have ever seen. These guys still had the roots attached which ended up being more tasty than the bulbs!  Cooked em sous vide at 85 degrees Celcius with butter, peppercorn, bay, champagne vinegar, and olive oil. Sooooo tasty! Served them with first of the season striped bass, saffron farro, and sweet corn. 


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