Wine from a Keg

Keith Luce and Michael Kaminski have introduced wines on tap to Luce & Hawkins and Luce’s Landing.  Keith and Michael worked closely with wineries to create custom house blends.  The wine is stored in stainless kegs, holding 5.15 gallons or about 26 bottles and is hooked up to a tap system with nitrogen gas passing through it.   This system eliminates oxidation as the wine is never exposed to oxygen and each glass tastes as if it is from a freshly opened bottle.  Wine kegs are eco-friendly, reducing waste, shipping and storage costs.  Six prenium wines are served in ¼’, ½ and full liter carafes at very reasonable cost to our customers. 

riesling gotham project, seneca lake vineyard, finger lakes 2009

sauvignon blanc free flow wines, woods vineyard, sonoma 2008 

chardonnay paumanok, luce & hawkins blend, north fork 2009

red shinn estate, north fork nv   

merlot free flow wines, sonoma 2008           

cabernet franc paumanok, north fork 2008

Less Waste

You pour through three cases of your popular bottled wine per week. This represents:

3 cases = 36 bottles per week
52 weeks of service per year = 1,872 bottles
1,872 bottles = 5,616 lbs
Switch to wine on tap and eliminate over 2 1/2 TONS of trash per year.

Cost Savings

Average spoilage per bottle is 7% (unfinished or corked by-the-glass bottles).
7% waste on a bottle that costs $9.50 = $.67 per bottle.
If you go through 3 cases per week of a house wine, you’d save $24.12 per week or $1,254.24 per year.

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