The Magic of Mangalitsa Pork

Keith Luce with a Mangalitsa hybrid pig

The Mangalitsa is a rare pig breed that is native to Hungary

“ With the Mangalitsa, it’s a fine cooking pork, but really, it’s all about the fat,” says Keith Luce, who instigated a program at Washington State’s The Herbfarm restaurant to raise its own Mangalitsas a few miles from the restaurant. “We rendered the fat, we whipped it, and spread it on bread.”

Read about the pigs in The New York Times and Gourmet Magazine.

Chef Luce has introduced the Mangalitsa to the Luce & Hawkins menu.  Peter Gianotti praised Chef Luce’s pork belly in his recent review in Newsday:

“A square of pork belly, which must have cooked all-day, arrived moist and tender, almost lacquered on top, paired with ovals of smoked-pork tenderloin and peas, completed with a hint of just-snipped mint.”

Perhaps, Chef Luce will raise the Mangalitsas on the North Fork soon.

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