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Wine from a Keg

July 29, 2010

Keith Luce and Michael Kaminski have introduced wines on tap to Luce & Hawkins and Luce’s Landing.  Keith and Michael worked closely with wineries to create custom house blends.  The wine is stored in stainless kegs, holding 5.15 gallons or about 26 bottles and is hooked up to a tap system with nitrogen gas passing […]

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Michael Kaminski, the Director

July 21, 2010

“I firmly believe that a great restaurant experience involves theatricality; there is an underlying sense of character and role play that the audience–our guests–enter the building with.  How my staff interacts either confirms or subverts those expectations; this is what truly creates energy and a unique sense of place – that feeling that you get […]

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The Magic of Mangalitsa Pork

July 16, 2010

Keith Luce with a Mangalitsa hybrid pig The Mangalitsa is a rare pig breed that is native to Hungary “ With the Mangalitsa, it’s a fine cooking pork, but really, it’s all about the fat,” says Keith Luce, who instigated a program at Washington State’s The Herbfarm restaurant to raise its own Mangalitsas a few […]

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Peter Gianotti’s Newsday Review

July 2, 2010

Newsday ~ Luce & Hawkins.  By Peter Gianotti Photographs: Randee Daddona Keith Luce wanted to open a country inn on his native North Fork. Moving into the Jedediah Hawkins’ kitchen, he’s now serving a singular experience. Luce, whose resume includes The Herbfarm outside Seattle, PlumpJack Cafe in San Francisco and a stint in the Clinton White House, returned to Long Island’s […]

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